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Wheelchair Repair in Dallas, TX

Wheelchair Repair in Dallas, TX

For wheelchair repair in Dallas, TX, call on us today. Our technicians are equipped with the skills to make sure your mobility scooter or patient lift stays fully functional.

Prevent System Failures

We provide quality maintenance for mobility equipment. Maintenance services include dusting and cleaning the interior and exterior of moving parts, as well as the motor. In addition, we check the bushings and bearings to make sure your wheelchair rolls smoothly. Our technicians can also replace any broken pieces, tires, foot rests, arm rests, or any part that isn't working.

Exclusive Programming Just for You

Our wheelchair technician can reprogram all models to fit your individual needs. When you purchase a chair, all the settings are normally set on "high”, which is not suitable for everyone. If you have any other special requests, we make sure to fulfill them for you.

Why Choose Us for Your Electric Wheelchair Repair

Whether a small or a big part of your wheelchair is acting up, we provide a solution without compromising your budget. When we see a deteriorating portion, we first analyze the root of the problem before giving recommendations. Furthermore, our staff makes sure that everything we say about maintaining your mobility equipment is clear to you.