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Lift Chair

Repairs with Impressive Results

Mobility is important, that's why we have a skilled wheelchair repair technician at Wheelchair Repair in Dallas, Texas, to fix any problem. In addition, our company provides mobility scooter repair. Knowing that these machines are essential parts of your life, we finish repairs within 24 hours.

Wheelchair Overhaul

Our major repair services include changing the module, which is the computer that makes everything operate on your electric wheelchair. We can also replace any part of your wheelchair such as the left and right motors or the joystick. Apart from these, our skilled technicians fix parts of lift chairs and recliners, including motors, the scissor mechanisms, remote controls, and more.

Repair Costs

For major repairs, we come and evaluate the electric wheelchair first before coming up with a quote. The cost varies depending on the repairs necessary. We charge $75 per hour with a $35 travel fee.

Providing Cost-Effective Repairs

Some people may consider buying a new wheelchair to replace their old, broken one. At Wheelchair Repair, we provide a more cost-effective option. We analyze the defects and provide major repairs for your wheelchair, so you don't need to purchase a new one. Customers come to us because of our years of experience and affordable services.